Friday, December 31, 2010

*Highlights* I'm a M'Fing Morbid Video

Kanye's video for Monster has leaked...all over the place...somewhat like the blood in the's there...but it's just there

Input appreciated

The rest of my two cents after the break...on with the unscheduled programming:


Video killed it for me. I had enjoyed the music when Kanye released the song on his twitter. It was in my gym mix if I ever took my unfit ass back to the gym.

But now...I hate it. The video did plenty for me. It absolutely made the song dead to me, like the dead chicks in the video. And like the dead chicks in the video, the video is unmoving. My life was not enriched having watched this video.

None of the music artists in there showed anything visually stimulating. Stick to aural pleasuring, please. So many people are praising Kanye for yet another brilliant video. Maybe it's me. Maybe I just don't get it. I don't see anything awesome about this video or most of his "art" videos. I'm bored yet again. Perhaps I take things too literally. I expected to see monsters. Throwing in Cookie Monster eating Elmo's cotton guts would've satisfied me at this point. It was just morbid. I saw no monsters. I saw one bearded lady...o0o0o0 sooo scary...PSSSSSH I paid a quarter to see a bearded lady at a street fair when I was in the 6th grade and I wasn't impressed then. I'm definitely not impressed now. The only thing that made me do a double take was when chick slapped her vag. I'm like What? Shrug...Moving on

I suggest you move it along, too. Nothing to see here.

How much do I care now?

1 cap for that vag slap


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